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About StartSe

Take a minute and look around...

Pay attention to the technologies that you use in your daily tasks. Few of them were around two decades ago and now play a fundamental role in our lives, whether at home or work.

The world has changed drastically over the past two decades, and the transformation is expected to keep moving forward at an even higher speed.

The technology is just starting to impact our brains...

In a similar way to the role which the machines played for our arms during the industrial revolution. It is a fascinating world, with many opportunities, but also challenges. People and companies that are not preparing for this ongoing revolution will be left behind.

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StartSe's Mission

Our mission is to...

StartSe’s mission is to ensure that companies and people of the most varied professional activities are prepared to not only face this transformation but also to lead the technological disruption in the universe of the New Economy. We are talking about jobs that do not yet exist, in companies that are not even an idea, which will heal pains that have not yet appeared. A new world that mixes different feelings such as fear and passion. StartSe believes that the only way to keep your competitiveness, whether you are a company or a professional, is to learn through quality content and immersive experiences continuously.

In order to...

Ensure the dynamic knowledge of the New Economy, StartSe has a footprint in some of the most crucial innovation hubs of the world: Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, São Paulo and Europe. We believe, however, that all this knowledge should not be concentrated only in a few places. StartSe will unveil all this knowledge and ensure that it is distributed around the globe by the most diverse digital platforms that exist today along with those that will emerge over the next few years. A more connected world, with more access to information, is also a fairer world.

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International Education Program

Educating organizations and individuals for the future.

Learn how to lead into an exponential era. StartSe is a global learning community that believes in Lifelong Learning. Our educational platform empowers individuals and organizations across the globe to learn, connect and innovate in the New Disruptive Economy.

Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to acquire state-of-the-art tech and innovation skills to solve today’s problems in a digital and entrepreneurial way.

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Executive Education Programs

Learn how to lead into an exponential era...

And creating an opportunity to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Join leaders from around the world to uncover critical insight and tools needed to build a framework for an exponential future.

During an action-packed week, we take our clients on a journey through exponential technologies and innovation in a combination of lectures, hands-on learning, case studies, peer-network, site visits to large organizations, startups and universities. Hear from extraordinary guest speakers who are leading the way, including leaders from large corporations and startups innovators, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

We’ve developed an original methodology based on experience learning and hands-on learning.

StartSe guest speakers are a global network expert with significant breadth and depth across a wide range of topics, including organizational innovation, entrepreneurship, global grand challenges and exponential technologies.

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Please provide your contact information, and we’ll share additional details about our Executive Program that should answer your initial questions.